Google Apps Script author

People call TG4’s founder “Google” by middle name. Hence, TG4 is very familiar with Google’s products and thus Google Apps Script to automate them. Some examples of scripts out there:

  • Get a message when night freezes over so you can cover the windshield of your car.
  • An administration system based on Google Drive & Google Sheets, where:
    • incoming letters are to be scanned and uploaded by yourself.
    • From there, rest is automated imported in the Google Sheets based on name and other variables.
    • Even Google Calendar appoints are made when to react on different letters.
  • For Huisrentmeester, a complete house management system with bills to be paid, split over roommates.
  • For Studio PolderPoort an extension by API automation on MyTourist PMS reservations and bookings. For example:
    • When booking is made, remind booker to pay.
    • When bookers do not pay, automatically cancel their booking and notify them.
    • Download bookings to Google Calendar for owner to review booking details quickly on the cell phone.
  • For Present Netherlands, a charity which connects helpers and those is need, a ‘marketplace’ where supply and demand are met using Google Sheets.